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MBA NC Safety Awards

Kobus Duvenhage Bouers (Pty) Ltd shines at the MBA NC Safety Awards. THe company recently entered a Health and Safety Competition launched by The Northern Cape Master Builders Association.
On 22 July 2021 Kobus Duvenhage Bouers (Pty) Ltd was announced as the winner of the Safety Award in the R10 – R20 million category of the Regional Safety Competition for 2020 – 2021. Kobus Duvenhage Bouers (Pty) Ltd received this award for the Jowilita Farm Project in Blouputs.

Volg Klein Jan Seisoen 3 op VIA

“Die mense van die Kalahari is waarlik die sout van die aarde. En hulle het lankal die geheim geleer: om te wag. Wag vir reën, wag vir kos. Jan ontdek ‘n soutpan in die middel van die woestyn waar hy ‘n soutsteen vind wat meer as 3 miljoen jaar oud is en wat hy nou gaan gebruik in Klein Jan. Donderdae om 20:00”

Seisoen 3, Episode 1
Seisoen 3, Episode 2
Seisoen 3, Episode 3
Seisoen 3, Episode 6
Seisoen 3, Episode 8

Klein Jan

What an honour to be part of this journey!

Klein Jan has been awarded the annual Luxe Restaurant Awards in three categories! Congratulations Jan Hendrik!

– Culinary Pioneer
– Restaurant of the Year (Klein JAN)
– Chef of the Year

South Africa Engen Expands Truck Stop Network

Paul Westcott, Engen Regional Sales Manager for Commercial Fuels vividly recalls the first site meeting he had on the 25th of May 2011 for the Upington site. “Standing in the scrub and bush in the countryside about five kilometres outside Upington, we were speaking with representatives of the Griqualand West Ko-op (GWK) and the developer, Kobus Duvenhage. We all shared the vision for a big facility, one catering for 80 – 100 trucks; capable of dispensing petrol, diesel and gas: with all the facilities that truckers and the growing local community would need and value.”

Almost five years later, having covered rezoning applications and processes, not to mention the actual building and fitting of tanks and pumps, this dream has become a reality: and it owes – according to Westcott – both to the commitment of the three parties in the venture and to the replication of the Truck Stop template that has worked so successfully for Engen elsewhere.

“The spacious truck port can comfortably cater for 100 overnight stopovers. Along with a restroom and showers, we offer a laundry, an ATM – so folks don’t have to ride all the way into Upington – a Take-Away, Biltong shop and an OK Express Supermarket, packed with grocery and convenience items. It sets a standard that we’d like to see replicated in the future.”

“Engens 14th Truck Stop is perfectly placed, well timed and brilliantly equipped to impact the lives of drivers and the local community for the better; as well as to fill a large gap in Engen customers’ route plans and stop-over schedules,” adds Joe Mahlo, Engen’s general manager of sales and marketing. Equally proud will be Kobus Duvenhage, the site owner and developer.

Lukas Jacobs Retires after 13 years of service at Kobus Duvenhage Bouers

Lukas was one of the first employees appointed in 2003 when Kobus Duvenhage Builders opened for the first time.

He started working as a truck operator and as the company has grown over the years , so did Lukas. After 13 years, he retired on the 9th of December 2016 as a crane operator.

Lukas was a great asset to the company and his loyal, dedicated service will always be remembered. The team at Kobus Duvenhage Builders wishes him all the best for his future.



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